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Meet the crocker

The milkshake, reinvented.

Available now at a coffee shop near you.

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Finally, $7.50 can buy you happiness.


The Crocker is bringing them back.


Straight to Your Mouth.™

Peanut butter.

How it was meant to be consumed.


Through a straw.

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"I am merely a vessel. I allow the gods to speak through me."

- Andrew Crocker, inventor, namesake.

The visionary.

Team Member

Andrew Crocker

EFF Staff Attorney. The Elon Musk of beverages.

Thank him on Twitter @agcrocker

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Available now at Spiro Coffee.

The future is available today at San Francisco's Spiro Coffee.

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The Crocker isn't just a milkshake.
It's a movement.

Help bring the Crocker to a coffee shop near you. It's easy.

Step 1

Ask for the Crocker at your local coffee shop

They probably won't know what a crocker is, but that's okay.
Proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Act surprised that its not on their menu

If they don't immediately recognize the name "The Crocker" you should act surprised, perhaps even outraged.

Step 3

Read this script:

"Wow, you don't serve the Crocker? You should really add it to the menu. It's a shake with Peanut Butter, Almond Milk, Chocolate, a shot of espresso, and a banana. Just throw those ingredients in a blender. Would you mind making me one? I'd be happy to pay as much as $7.50!"

Step 4

Keep ordering until they add it to their menu.

Day after day, return and demand The Crocker. Act surprised every time they don't immediately recognize the name.

Step 5

Let us know

Email us at [email protected] so we can add it to our global map.

Now its up to you

Help by spreading the word.