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Meet the crocker

The milkshake, reinvented.

Available now at a coffee shop near you.

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Finally, $7.50 can buy you happiness.


The Crocker is bringing them back.


Straight to Your Mouth.™

Peanut butter.

How it was meant to be consumed.


Through a straw.

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"I am merely a vessel. I allow the gods to speak through me."

- Andrew Crocker, inventor, namesake.

The visionary.

Team Member

Andrew Crocker

EFF Staff Attorney. The Elon Musk of beverages.

Thank him on Twitter @agcrocker

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Available now at Spiro Coffee.

The future is available today at San Francisco's Spiro Coffee.

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The Crocker isn't just a milkshake.
It's a movement.

Help bring the Crocker to a coffee shop near you. It's easy.

Step 1

Ask for the Crocker at your local coffee shop

They probably won't know what a crocker is, but that's okay.
Proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Act surprised that its not on their menu

If they don't immediately recognize the name "The Crocker" you should act surprised, perhaps even outraged.

Step 3

Read this script:

"Wow, you don't serve the Crocker? You should really add it to the menu. It's a shake with Peanut Butter, Almond Milk, Chocolate, a shot of espresso, and a banana. Just throw those ingredients in a blender. Would you mind making me one? I'd be happy to pay as much as $7.50!"

Step 4

Keep ordering until they add it to their menu.

Day after day, return and demand The Crocker. Act surprised every time they don't immediately recognize the name.

Now its up to you

Help by spreading the word.